Sunday, 5 November 2017

Estas Tonne - un artist exceptional

Cata forta, cata pasiune! Muzica ii curge prin vene.

Joe Dassin - Si tu t'appelles mélancolie

Nascut in acelasi an cu mama mea, azi ar fi implinit 79 de ani daca mai traia si nu pleca dintre noi atat de tanar. Imi amintesc cu placere cum il ascultam cand eram copil.  Abia asteptam ziua de duminica ca sa primim portia de muzica buna din Occident. Asa l-am cunoscut pe Joe Dassin si a ramas in sufletul meu pentru totdeauna.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

To be or not to be....Big Mac

Big Mac
By: A.A.

I love Big Mac the way socks love my feet,
The lovely smell of this so called “fast food”,
I love the way cheese drips down the peat meat,
Big Mac is the best food and is so good.
I had dreams of being very hungry,
I can't remember details about them,
I had one yesterday, speaking frankly,
This dream about the Big Mac was a gem.
My dream was very weird, but so real:
I dreamt eating a burger, a Big Mac,
It was so tasty, it was so ideal,
I should keep some leftover of this snack.

I tell you, boys and girls, with my clear voice,
Big Mac will be forever my first choice.